273 Reaching Out

     Two hippies decided to go to church one sunny afternoon.  One of the hippies was a former heroin use, who went to an evangelistic meeting, and gave her life to Christ.  The other was a marijuana smoker, who was curious about church.  They both reeked of marijuana.

     The hippies walked into the church and sat in one of the front pews.  Church members in the same pew and the surrounding pew politely got up and sat away from the hippies.

     The pastor preached a powerful sermon about reaching out to others and how to effectively witnes and share the Gospel.  The hippies listened attentively to everyone word with great interest. The church members were saying "Amen!" several times throughout the sermon, in agreement with the pastor.

     After service was over, no one greeted the hippies or talked to them at all.  As the hippies got into the car, the second hippies remarked, "Now, that was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.  There we sat in the middle of them and they were all gungho about finding us in the street.  They couldn't even find us in the middle of them.  They couldn't even say hello."

     A simple smile and a handshake can do more than the most powerful sermon Bible study.  Are you truly witnessing to people around you?

  • Recommended reading: Luke 15:2-10

Happy Sabbath!

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