274 If God is so Good

     Jared and Michael were passing out literature in a supermarket parking lot, where a man stopped them.  He seemed very angry and wanted to ask Jared and Michael some questions.

     In the short conversation that followed, Jared and Michael found out that the man was a former Christian.  His young niece had cancer, and he prayed fervently to God to heal her.  However, she passed away and the man lost his faith.

     "If God is so good, then why did He allow her to die?" the man bitterly asked.

     Jared and Michael were silent and looked each other, both praying on the inside and wondering how to answer this man.  After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Jared answered the man.

     "Sir, I honestly do not know.  I can tell you that Jesus asked the same question while He was on the cross.  All I know is that God is good and fair.  We will not know the full truth until the other side of eternity.  However, sir, are you willing to let your niece to go to heaven asking why you are not there?"

     The man stared hard at Jared, as if he were about to hit him.  However, the man surprsingly broke down and began sobbing.  He fell to his knees, crying openly.  Jared and Michael knelt down beside him and both a hand on his shoulders.  The man asked for prayer, and so Jared and Michael prayed for him.  In the middle of that supermarket parking lot, the man began to remember the goodness of God.

  • Recommended reading: Romans 8:28; Hebrews 11:36-40; James 5:11

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