285 Respect for Convictions

     Dominick, a well-known atheist, was walking down the street with a group of friends when they came across a Christian passing out Gospel tracts.  The Christian greeted Dominick and asked if he knew Jesus.  Dominick said no, and the Christian asked if he could briefly share his faith with Dominick.

     Much to the shock of his friends, Dominick said yes.  Dominick listened patiently for two minutes while the Christian shared the Gospel message with him.  The Christian thanked Dominick for his time and offered a tract.  Dominick politely accepted the tract and continued walking on.

     A few minutes later, as the group was walking in stunned silence, one of Dominick's friends ventured to ask, "Dom, why did you bother to listen to that guy's spiel?  Are you thinking of becoming a Christian now?"

     "Not at all," Dominick answered with a smile.  "I'm most assuredly still an atheist."

     "Then, what was that all about? You could have told him that God doesn't exist and crushed him with your arguments or something, but you did nothing but listen to that Christian!" exclaimed the friend, still confused.

     "I could have done just that," admitted Dominick.  "However, I really admired the earnestness of his convictions and his desire to see me "saved," even though I think it is all hogwash.  If you really think about it, if you are a Christian and you believe all that Bible stuff, you would act just like that guy.  If not, you must be a cruel person to withhold that message to yourself."

     Are you sharing your beliefs about Jesus and salvation with others?

  • Recommended reading: Habakkuk 2:4; Mark 9:50; Matthew 5:14-17

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