287 Recruiter

     Sergeant Jackson was a recruiter for the marines and was attending a career fair at the local university.  Recruiters from all branches of the military were invited to speak in front of all the students.  

     Each recruiter got on the stage and droned on and on about how their branch of the military was the best.  Some of the recruiters went into lengthy details about the compensation plans and benefits offered, while others discussed the proud traditions of service.  All the recruiters ran over their allotted speaking time.

     When Sergeant Jackson finally got his chance to speak, there were only two minutes left, which was definitely not enough time to cover all the points in his prepared 10 minute speech.

     What should he say to these students?. Sergeant Jackson 's mind raced.  He put away his notes and simply said, "The marines is not for everyone.  We only take the best.  If you are interested in finding out more, stop by my booth today."

     Sergeant Jackson went back to his booth, expecting no one to stop by.  Much to his shock, however, students swarmed to his booth, far more than any of the others recruiters' booths.

     We as humans have a desire to succeed and excel.  We can only reach out full potential through Jesus Christ.

  • Recommended reading: Psalms 139:13-19; Philippians 4:13; Ephesians 3:20-21      

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