289 Overcoming

     Wilma was four years old when she was stricken with polio.  She was given a leg brace and told that she will be crippled for life.  However, Wilma resisted this prognosis and kept trying to walk every day, falling down every time.

     Against all odds, Wilma overcame her disease and was able to walk like other children when she was twelve. Wilma wanted to play sports like her older sister, but people told her she shouldn't push herself; she was lucky just to be able to walk..

     Wilma didn't lose to those people and joined the girls' basketball team at her school.  Wilma also got into track and really got into it.  She was told by some people that she should give up on the idea of competitive running, since she would never win a race.  She was lucky that she could walk and run like a normal girl.

     Years later, Wilma took home three gold medals in the summer Olympics in track.

     Stay strong in your faith in Jesus.  Though the world will constantly try to dissuade you and make you doubt, persevere in your faith to the end.

  • Recommended reading: Isaiah 43:1; 1 Corinthians 9:24; Hebrews 12:1

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