291 Invitation

     Pastor Brennan invited his friend Gerald and his wife Maggie to hear him preach at his church.  Gerald was not a Christian and his wife stopped going to church years ago.  Gerald politely declined and Pastor Brennan did not push the issue.

     On the next Sabbath, as Pastor Brennan was preaching, he was pleasantly surprised to see Gerald and Maggie were sitting in a pew towards the back of the church.

     After the service was over, Pastor Brennan asked Gerald and Maggie how they liked the worship service.  Gerald was about to tell Pastor Brennan that he liked the sermon when Maggie tearfully interrupted, "Pastor Brennan, you sound just like my daddy when you were preaching!"

     Pastor Brennan found out that Maggie's father was a Baptist preacher before he passed away several years ago.

     Gerald and Maggie started coming to Pastor Brennan's church every week from that day on and eventually got baptized a year later.

     Invite your friends and loved ones to church.  You never know how the Holy Spirit will lead!

  • Recommended reading: Isaiah 55:3-7; Hebrews 2:12; Hebrews 10:25

Happy Sabbath!

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