292 Standing Before Rifles

     Eun Ho stood against the wall staring at the rifles pointed at her.  As she finished her silent prayer to God, she closed her eyes.

     It was in the early days of the Korean War, when a group of North Korean soldiers crossed the border and invaded Eun Ho's small village.  The soldiers had a particular hatred for Christians, so they rounded up all the Christians in the village and forced them into the church at the edge of the village.

     The soldiers found a painting of Jesus Christ in the church, took it outside, and nailed in next to the front door of the church.  As a sick game, they called out the Christians one by one to come out of the church and stand before them.

     The soldiers told the Christians that if they really want to live, all they have to do is spit on the painting of Jesus and the soldiers would let them go.  The first three young men who were asked this question all loved Jesus, but they were not prepared for this situation.  With great regret, each of the three young men hesitated before the picture of Jesus and spit on the picture.  They were each allowed to leave unharmed.

     When Eun Ho came out, she had already resolved in her mind what she would do.  She went before the picture of Jesus and used her sleeve to wipe off the spittle.  Eun Ho then stood against the wall before the rifles pointed to her and prayed to Jesus, telling Him how much she loved Him.

     Eun Ho closed her eyes hard, bracing for the bullets, but they never came.  The soldiers were so astonished and moved by Eun Ho's actions that they huddled together to confer on what to do with her.  The soldiers decided to get the previous Christians, lined them all against the wall, and shot them dead.  The soldiers let Eun Ho live.

     How strong is your faith in Jesus?

Recommended reading:

  • Joshua 24:27; Matthew 10:33; 1 Corinthians 16:13 2 Timothy 2:11-13

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