299 Christmas Presents

     Nancy had a lot of problems dealing with her entitled children.  They would all whine, cry, and complain when they did not have the latest and greatest in fashion, toys, and i-gadgets.  They just never seemed to appreciate how hard she had to work to give them what they have.

     In early December, Nancy took her children to the dollar store to buy toys.  All her children started complaining why would they go to such a place.  "This place is only for losers," snorted Bobby, her youngest child.  "Yeah, all the toys here are lame," chimed in Marcy, the middle child.  "Who would want these toys?"

     Nancy calmly explained to her children that the toys they were buying were not for them, but for the poor children in their community.  "Like the Smiths?" Alex, the oldest child, asked.  Bobby and Marcy suddenly became quiet.  "Johnny doesn't have any toys at all," Bobby said softly.  "He was so happy when I gave him my old Super Robotman action figure that I didn't want anymore last month.  I always see him playing with that toy every day in the front yard."

     Nancy's children all realized that these toys from the dollar store would probably be the only gift a poor child might get this Christmas.  As they continued shopping for toys, Marcy took out her own money and gave it to Nancy, much to her surprise.  "Mom, can we buy some more toys with this money?"  Bobby followed suit and gave Nancy all the money in his pocket.
     "Mom, I don't want anything for Christmas," Alex said.  "I already have a lot of good things.  Can you use the money you would have used for my Christmas present to buy more toys for other children?"
     Nancy wiped a tear away from her eye and hugged her children tightly.  "Of course, dear."
     God has given us so many blessings in our lives that we often take them for granted and do not even appreciate them.  Let us take take the time and thank God for all the blessings He has given us, great and small.  Let us also be a blessing to others in need, not just during the holiday season, but at all times, in season and out of season.
  • Recommended reading: Proverbs 22:9; Luke 14:12-14; Acts 20:35

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